"All controversy begins with DOUBT."

Welcome to The Kremlin, a fansite dedicated to the cult-classic videogame, SNATCHER, the brain-child of Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear, Policenauts, Zone Of Enders). This site was created in the hopes of spreading the word about this hidden gem so it's memory will not be forgotten. The Kremlin focuses mostly on the SEGA CD version of the game (the only version officially translated into English), but content from other versions can be found here as well. Updates are few and far between, but more content will be added as time goes by. Thank you for visiting.

~Justin "Snatcher2047" Aaron

"I'm old..."
Made some minor changes to site's look to commemorate the 20th anniversary of The Kremlin, which officially happens in April. Will I do some actually work to the site itself? Only time will tell.

"New stuff..."
Continuing with the clean up work, I took down the Emulation section seeing how a lot of the content there is a little outdated (as there are better options for playing the game now) and put up a new section entitled "VERSIONS". There's not much there at the moment, but it basically highlights the multiple version of the game that exist. I'll be adding more to that eventually. Also, there's a new intro page image if you hadn't noticed.
"Repairs completed..."
The site should be back up and running as normal (as normal can be, anyway). I also added a new wallpaper in the MEDIA section that I forgot to upload a long time ago contributed by Michael Divanoff. It's a pretty cool wallpaper, so check that out.
"Down time..."
Just for the record, a lot of the site (at least as far as a lot of the imagery) may be down for the time being. I had to make some changes with my server and have to go through the site and update all the links and various other things. Most, if not all, of the pages should still be accessible, but a lot of the images will be down.
"The number you have reached..."
Updated the LINKS section by pretty much cleaning house of all the dead links and added a few new ones. Amazing how many SNATCHER sites have come an gone over the last few years.

The CONTACT section has also been updated with my current online contact info, so if you have any new SNATCHER related links or media you wish to share, get a hold of me there.

"I know, I know..."
The music section has been completely redone now with full tracks from the albums. They are still in VERY low quality, for copyright reasons and are still meant for evalution purposes only.

Also, can't believe how long it's been since I updated. The site's 15th anniversary came and went and I forgot to do anything for it. Hope this makes up for it somehow. And I just realized I really need to clean up the LINKS section. Lotta dead links there...

I also finally got my hands on the PC-Engine CD-Rom version of SNATCHER. So hopefully I can provide some content from that in the near future. I also have a 3DO and the 3DO version of Policenauts on the way as well. Whether or not anything comes from that is yet to be seen.

Here we go again...
Been a while, huh?

Someone completely recreated the PC Engine Pilot Disk trailer to represent the SEGA CD version of the game, complete with English voice overs:

Pretty impressive. There's also apparently a SNATCHER remix project in the works over at OCRemix.org. Should be a while before we see anything from that, but consider my interest peaked.

And what's this about "body snatchers" appearing in the upcoming METAL GEAR SOLID game:

Oh boy...

New friend...
Added a new link to the LINKS page. It's a very well designed METAL GEAR SOLID site. Definitely worth checking out!

See you, Space Junker...

Found this interesting little mashup today of Snatcher and one of the more popular Japanese Anime series of the past generation, Cowboy Bebop. Definitely worth checking out!

I knew I forgot something...
I totally forgot that I put together a new wallpaper that highlight the new opening page to The KREMLIN. Go check it out as well as it's alternate version in the WALLPAPERS section.

Rap is truth...

Words cannot describe how awesome that is. Although, I think I may prefer this little rap a little more.

I feel old...
Happy Birthday Kremlin! Never thought it would have lasted this long, but thanks to the great fan community as well as the advancement of SEGA CD emulators over the years, it has.

A special thank you to you all who have visited over the years, to Junker HQ and the members of it's forums, and to Konami and Hideo Kojima, for inspiring me to make this site.

Here's to the first ten years, and also to the next ten.