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SNATCHER sites are few and far between, but what they lack in quanity, they make up in quality. Here are the ones I've been able to come across. Some credit also goes to these sites from me for supplying some images or sound files(THANKS!). If you know of any others, please email me.

The NEW Snatcher Experience
Super Deformed Snatcher
The Snake Soup (Metal Gear)
bgMSX - The MSX Game Music Collection
Hardcore Gaming 101: SNATCHER
SNATCHER Wikipedia Page


Kiss Me Sweet: A Sakura Wars Blog
The blog for a campaign to have the entire Sakura Wars franchise of videogames released in the Western world in English. I actually help out from time to time with promotional work.

The Sonic Stadium
THE Sonic The Hedgehog website on the net. Features news, media, a forum and everything else covering SEGA's "Blue Blur".
An unofficial fansite for the SEGA franchise of the same name.

Soaring Rabbit
A fansite for another SEGA CD favorite of mine, Keio Flying Squadron and it's sequels.

The Shenmue Dojo
After Snatcher, Shenmue is probably my favorite videogame out there. And this site is the absolute best for info and media from that series.

The Fighters Generation
I love fighting games like Street Fighter and Guilty Gear X, and this is one of the absolutely best sites that features fighting games. An amazing amount of images and other media, plus some great reviews.

Resident Evil Fan : A New Blood
The best source of Resident Evil info and media on the net today. And it's design is incredible.

Bob And George
Without a doubt, one of the funniest fan-sprite comics on the net, featuring mostly characters from the MegaMan/RockMan series. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

The Game Overthinker
Videogame thoughts, reviews and the like with a more intelligent angle.

Video Game Director's Cuts
An excellent site that features flash parodies of all your favorite videogames. I highly suggest checking out RISE OF THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM.