2044 - First Encounter
Dec. 22: First contact. A bioroid’s remains are recovered from the wreckage of SRS Flight 4003, which crashed in the Rocko Mountain range. The Bioroid is identified as Rick Sawamura (Computer Instructor), but due to severe injuries, no further data is obtained. Rumors begin to circulate that it is a secret weapon from a certain country.

Dec. 29: The Mayor of Neo-Kobe city asks all the countries of the world to investigate the Bioroid incident, but all investigations prove fruitless.

Feb. 18: A Snatcher which had killed and replaced (“snatched”) the mayor of Neo Kobe, B. O’Conner, is captured, but self-destructs during transport.

August: A certain magazine editor leaks information concerning Snatchers. This spawns an onslaught of Snatcher coverage. Japan catches “Snatcher Fever”.

Winter: Neo Kobe City falls into “Bioroid Panic”. All around the city suspicion of Snatchers leads to violence and killing. The mayor calls on all citizens to submit to “Bioroid Tests”.

November: The police form an Anti-Snatcher task force.

December: All over the city, citizens participate in “Bioroid Hunts”, similar to the Salem Witch Hunts. The level of anxiety in the city rises further. Over 5000 people are killed in the panic.

Late Dec.: The Bioroid Panic spreads to all of Japan.

Apr. 20: Fearing a recurrence of the Bioroid Panic, a new law, “Snatchers and the Protection of Civil Rights”, is passed. This law requires that a scanning warrant must be obtained before citizens may be scanned.

May: The government intelligence agency forms “Rug Hunt”, a scientific investigative team, to analyze the Snatcher problem.

August: The Anti-Snatcher police force and “Rug-Hunt” join forces to form the Junker agency.

Mid October: The Snatchers begin their extermination of the Junkers.

Oct 13: Lewis Gilmore killed in action.

Oct 19: Sergio Glazer killed in action. David Johnson grievously wounded, currently in stable condition, but brain-dead.

Oct. 22: Schultz Descartes killed in action. Descartes family found massacred.

Late Oct.: Bounty Hunters recruited from among citizens. 500 Bounty Hunters registered.

Nov. 1: An emergency phone line (256-128) for Snatchers is set up. Out of about 200 calls received per day, only 1% are reliable.

Nov. 3: A well known KBC newscaster is found to be a Snatcher, and is terminated by a Bounty Hunter. The remains self-destruct.

Nov. 9: A Yakuza mob boss, killed in action over a dispute over “Liquid Sky”, is discovered to have been a Snatcher.

Nov. 11: Bounty Hunter Thomas Kadota mistakenly shoots and kills a human citizen, causing a great controversy. Mr Kadota is eventually found guilty of manslaughter.

Nov. 15: The leader of a prominent revolutionary religious group is determined to be a Snatcher. During pursuit, the Snatcher’s car crashes, and it is destroyed in the resulting fire.

Nov. 20: The former president of a biotechnology firm, John Rudolph, is uncovered as a Snatcher and terminated by Jean Jack Gibson. During transport the remains are stolen.

December: The government decides to quarantine Neo Kobe City in order to prevent spread of the Snatcher problem.

Dec. 1: Neo Kobe Bridge is closed off and patrolled around the clock, airports are shut down and the ocean is charged with high-voltage electricity. In effect, the city is put under martial law.

*Snatcher History info credited to "The Snatcher Experience".*

THE SNATCHER DICTIONARY - written by Chris Hoffman and KoKee, from The Snatcher Experience.
Features just about every single bit of information you can think of from the Snatcher game.