Here you can learn the basics of playing Snatcher from commands to game options and controls.

Basically, when you get down to it, there really isn't really that much real control of what goes on in the game. Now don't get the wrong idea about that last statement. Keep in mind, that playing this game is almost like watching a movie, you just decide (sort of) how the story progresses.

Basic list of commands.

What you see here is your basic screenshot from the game while you are investigating. You see the normal list of commands involved that you can perform in order to find clues.

MOVE - Move to another section of the area you are in.
LOOK - Simply observe your surroundings.
INVESTIGATE - Take a much closer look at certain objects or people in the area.
TALK/ASK - Basically a speaking function used with people to get them to reveal what they know.
POSSESSIONS - Look over evidence and anything else you have in your possession.
USE METAL GEAR - Use Metal to make phone calls or save the game. On certain occassions, Metal Gear can use a spotlight he has to lighten dark areas.

Other commands include:
DO SOMETHING - Usually there when Gillian is trying to console one of the female cast members. Usually good for a laugh if you do it enough times.
ENTER/EXIT TURBOCYCLE - Exactly what it says.
PRAY TO GOD - You read that right...

There are quite a few other commands as well, depending on the situation you are in. Some are important, and some are not.

Shootout sequence.

The one part of the game that includes some real action are the shooting sequences. These pop up quite a few times in the game whenever Gillian discovers either Snatchers or Insectors. If you are playing the game on your SEGA CD, you can utilize the Genesis Light Gun in this situation to shoot at the screen. I don't believe any PC light gun's work on this game, so if you are playing this game on an emulator, you're out of luck there. Otherwise, you can use your controller/keyboard directional buttons to move the target to where you want to shoot. You can draw and put away your gun at any time in this situation. If you take too many hits and your life bar runs out, it's game over.
Voice acting cut scene.

Quite a few times during the game, there will be a cutscene of sorts. Most look like this with a still image above and some talking heads below. These always include complete voice acting sequences, so you just basically have to sit back and enjoy the moment. But make sure you pay attention, because usually when one of these occur, something important is going on or about to happen.

Text dialogue between characters.

If there isn't a cutscene going on, basic dialogue between characters is represented as simple text. But don't think that nothing important happens during this, because you get a majority of your clues from the text dialogue. So make sure you read every bit! There is a lot...

And there you go. That's a basic rundown of what goes on when you play Snatcher. For more screenshots from the game, visit the images section.